Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Update, Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to Me!

I know I'm not as regular with my updates as I could be, but that's just because I've been so busy writing! Here's an update on all my writing projects...

SLATE: My debut novel has been pretty quiet on Amazon lately, but I hope that changes next week with the release of my novella sequel CHRISTMAS IN MAUI: A VERY MERRY SLATE NOVELLA. I'm currently working on the final draft and should have it available in eBook version by Friday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME: Not only did I celebrate my real birthday this weekend, but I've been busy revising the third and final chapter in my Birthday trilogy! The new draft is done, and it's really starting to come together. Look for Part 3 in December! And remember, Parts 1 & 2 are available now in both eBook and Print versions on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

TOWNHOUSE: I love to write YA, but I'm also a fan of horror, and there's no better time than right now to check out some of my adult horror writing. My horror novel debut is a perfect read for Halloween night, and my new short story collection Six Scary Stories will send even more shivers down your spine.

THE VAMPIRE UNDERGROUND: This coming week I start writing the first draft of a brand new YA horror series, featuring action, romance, comedy, and monsters. It's something that's been brewing inside of me for a long time, and it's my next longterm writing project.

Thanks again for checking in with me, and Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me Again is Available in Print!

I just received the final shipment of my book Happy Birthday to Me Again, and it looks great! It's now available on CreateSpace for 12 bucks and will be up on Amazon in 5-7 days! Check it out!!

Buy the Softcover Version of Happy Birthday to Me Again!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Reviews of Happy Birthday to Me Again!

Well, the first few reviews of Happy Birthday to Me Again have arrived, and they all have given my new YA sequel either 4 or 5 out of 5!! Check out quotes from their reviews below...

First up... Donna at Book Lovers Paradise!

What a wonderful trilogy this is turning out to be.  I can't wait for the next book... Let's just say part of the ending threw me for a loop.  It was unexpected.  I cannot wait for book 3 to see how the story ends. 5 out of 5. 

Next up... Jessica at Curled Up With Books!

I read the first book before reading this, and I have to say that this one was so much better! I couldn't put it down and I loved the twist at the end! I don't often read books with the main character being male so it was an interesting perspective. I definitely suggest reading it! I'll be on the lookout for the 3rd installment! 4 out of 5. 

Last up... Kelly at The Bookscape Report!

Happy Birthday to Me Again is another super-fun read. I loved every second of it, just like I loved every second of Happy Birthday to Me. Once again, the characters are awesome. What I really love about the characters is that every character drips with personality, even the minor ones... every single one of them comes alive on the page. I love the humor in this book... it seemed like on almost every page, there was something to laugh at... I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the third book, it's going to be awesome! 5 out of 5.

Thanks so much to all these early reviewers! And be sure to pick up a copy of Happy Birthday to Me Again today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What If My Books Were Made Into Movies?

I brought this question up on KindleBoards today, and I thought I'd share my ideas with you here. I worked in feature film casting for two years, so choosing actors for movie roles is something I've come to be pretty good at. As I write my fiction I never really think about a specific actor as I form and develop the characters, but it can be fun from time to time to stop and think what actors would be in movie adaptations of my own work.

Let's start with the Happy Birthday to Me trilogy. These aren't my definitive choices. These are just particularly choices I like today.

CAMERON: Darren Criss

The Glee star has really come into his own in the last year. He can play a jock, he can play sweet, he can play... confused. I think he'd make a good Cameron.

LIESEL: Emma Stone

Cuz she's a redhead. And cuz she's amazing.

WESLEY: Kyle Gallner

He's not exactly an A-lister, but he keeps turning in great work in all sorts of flicks I see him in. He's geeky but intelligent. He'd make a good Wesley.

KIMBER: Chloe Grace Moretz

Have you seen Kick Ass or Let Me In? Enough said.

MRS. GORDON: Frances Conroy

My first thought was Kathy Bates, but then Frances Conroy, so good on Six Feet Under, entered my head. She has that authoritative, librarian look. Would LOVE to see her play Mrs. Gordon.

COACH WELCH: Jeffrey Tambor

He's tall, old, looks like a coach. Love him on Larry Sanders Show.

OK... now my Horror novel TOWNHOUSE.

SARA: Emma Stone

Again. Because she's amazing. And she'd be PERFECT for this role.

MAX: Rupert Grint

I describe the character like Rupert Grint in the novel. Maybe Grint should just play him in the movie??

CORY: Thomas Horn

I have no idea who could play the mischievous Cory, but when I watched the trailer for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close yesterday, my first thought was: This kid looks like Cory!


I mean, come on.

And finally, my Women's Fiction novel SLATE

Vivien: Sandra Bullock

It's always been Sandra. Always!

Brandon: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Who wouldn't love to see Levitt play a prissy gay casting associate?

Gavin: Joel Courtney

Loved the main kid in Super 8 and thought he could make a great Gavin.

Nathan: Zac Efron

Nathan goes berserk in the third act of Slate. Would love to see the typically lovable Efron play against type.

Lila: Sigourney Weaver

She would be huh-freaking-larious as Lila. Call Weaver's agent! Pronto!

Obviously something as crazy as any of this could never happen. But you never know... it doesn't hurt to dream, right?