Thursday, June 30, 2011

And the Happy Birthday to Me reviews just keep rolling in...

I'm about a quarter through the second draft of Happy Birthday to Me Again, and I'm pleased to report that I think this sequel is as good as, if not better, than the original! I like to think of the first installment as a warm-up to the rest of the trilogy, and, boy, you'll see why in a few months!! Here's a new 5 star review of Happy Birthday to Me, from Book Loving Mommy! An excerpt...

I loved how Cameron grew through the story. He found out what was important to him and that it matters how you treat people. He finds new friends and in the end....well, you will just have to read it to find out what happens to Cameron.

All in all, I think this book was very emotional and an excellent read! 

You can read the full review by clicking here: Book Loving Mommy. My thanks to Book Loving Mommy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! A New Review!

As I start the process of revising the first draft of Happy Birthday to Me Again, the sequel to Happy Birthday to Me, it gives me great pleasure to still see readers all over the world blissfully loving the first installment! Tawni over at The Book Worms just gave my novel a 4/5! Here's an excerpt...

Brian Rowe’s writing is hilarious, serious, and heartfelt. I was laughing, crying, and awestruck throughout. To me, that’s a unique book. By the end of the book the message was clear that just because you get old or are different in some way, there are people who care about you and that struck a chord with me. Its important to feel that there are people who care and love you no matter what! 

I also really liked the parts about Cameron and his family life. Cameron’s dad isn’t happy with him and pushes him to pursue things he’s not interested in. Cameron’s mom is kind hearted and his little sister is a violin freak. I feel that this was my favorite part of the story. They are like any other family who has their problems and it came off as so real to me. It was something everyone can relate to.

Don’t miss this book! Make sure you get it in print or an ecopy. Its a must read and its funny and serious, the perfect balance. I might be doing a giveaway soon so make sure to check back!

You can read the full review by clicking here: The Book Worms. Thanks again, Tawni! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

A "Glowing Recommendation" for Happy Birthday to Me!

Jennifer at A Tale of Many Reviews just gave my YA novel Happy Birthday to Me an extremely positive review! Here's an excerpt...

Looking at some of the titles on my Kindle I noticed that most of the books I read are by female authors.  I don’t know why I gravitate to female authors but I could have missed out on a great book if I hadn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone.   Brian Rowe has written a book that kept me engaged up to the final page.  I laughed at some of the situations that Cameron found himself in and became teary eyed at the moments that were a bit more serious.  Brian sprinkled a bit of paranormal flavor into the story but it wasn’t an overpowering flavor.  The focus was on the journey of self discovery that Cameron went through. 
I give this story a glowing recommendation.  I enjoyed it as much as Cameron enjoyed the large slice of chocolate fudge cake at Uncle Tony’s pizza place.  You may also find you come back for one last taste since Brian Rowe will be offering up another serving.Happy Birthday to Me is book 1 in the Birthday Trilogy.
Feel free to read the full review by clicking on the following link: A TALE OF MANY REVIEWS. Thanks, Jennifer!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It seems fitting that my horror debut novel Townhouse would go live on Father's Day, since it was my father who first got me into watching horror movies at such a young age, making for a life-long love affair with the genre. It's been my dream for years and years to write a horror novel, and I'm so excited that it's finally happened! TOWNHOUSE is by far my favorite book I've written so far, and I can't wait to see what you all think about it!!

TOWNHOUSE is Now on Sale at Amazon for $4.99!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Drumroll, please... the cover to my third novel and horror debut Townhouse has just come in, and it's simply spectacular!! Check out the artwork below! Thanks to the awesome KATIE BODE for her tremendous work! And get ready for my novel... it's coming to Amazon and Barnes & Noble next week!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New 5/5 Review of Happy Birthday to Me!

Missy at Missy's Reads & Reviews has just given Happy Birthday to Me a 5/5 rating, and it's one of the best reviews yet!! Here's an excerpt...

This book has left me speechless for several days, and I hope that I am eloquent enough to pull off a review that does this book the justice that it deserves. Obviously, I think it's amazing. The premise is something that I haven't experienced in my history of reading, and this was one incredible story to introduce the concept to me. Unfortunately, now, they're may be too high of standards for any book to follow in Happy Birthday To Me's footsteps -- well, except maybe for the sequel. ;)

The storyline was simply remarkable with a perfect progression for the tone of the book and never left you hanging. The writing was impeccable and Brian Rowe did an incredible job portraying a teenager that had to deal with something that most teenagers would never have to experience along with having to go through everything that all teenagers have to deal with on top of it all. I hate to classify this book, so I'll just say this is one of those great Young Adult books that needs to be read by everyone.

You can read the full review by clicking here: Missy's Reads & Reviews. Thanks Missy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

An excerpt from TOWNHOUSE!

Who wants a small glimpse at my upcoming horror novel?? Ready to be published on or around July 1, Townhouse will be sending shivers down your spine! Here is a small excerpt from Chapter Four! 

Sara took a few steps away from the haphazard conversation and made her way down the staircase in the hopes that she’d spot the landlord. Still nobody. Then the thought entered her head: What street are we on, anyway?

She made her way down the second staircase and out onto the main sidewalk. She walked all the way over to the left side of the complex to see the street sign: Canterbury.

Like The Canterbury Tales? Sara thought. We’d live on a literary street. How fitting.  

An ear-splitting dog bark caught her attention from her right, and Sara turned to see a man standing just yards away, smoking a cigarette, supervising his three girly poodles as they proceeded to poop on the neighbor’s front lawn. Sara smiled at the dogs, briefly, before meeting her eyes with those of the old man. They were cold and calculating, like they were burning a hole right through her fetus-infested belly. He was pale and gaunt, with a scruffy goatee and light, graying hair. He wore a thin black sweatshirt and loose shorts that looked like sweatpants cut off from below the knees. Oddest of all was a pair of long white socks that stretched from the bottom of his feet to the top of his shorts. He looked like a mix of a homeless man, a serial killer, and an animal-friendly eccentric. He didn’t look away. He just kept staring at Sara, as if he wanted to feed her to his dogs for dinner.

Sara turned around and started walking back toward the complex. Every few steps she turned around to survey the scary fellow, who could’ve been as young as forty and as old as eighty—she couldn’t really tell. Finally he stopped looking at her and instead focused his attention back on his ferocious mutts. When Sara made her way back to the staircase, she hid behind a large, decaying plant and watched as the irregularly dressed man walked his three dogs around the corner and down the left side driveway of the complex.

Something’s not right with this guy…

Friday, June 10, 2011

Books Obsession Gives Happy Birthday to Me 4 Stars!!

A hugely popular book blog Books Obsession just reviewed Happy Birthday to Me and gave it 4 stars!! Here's an excerpt...

Cameron's unique illness, aging rapidly every day, was so creative and there was even a little message behind the story. The mix between genres in the book, realistic and fantasy, surprisingly meshed well together. If Cameron's condition really did exist, then this could be such a believable novel. I think that the ending was a bit ridiculous and over the top, but it definitely left room for the sequel (which I'm excited to read!). I have no idea what will happen next in Cameron's story but I can't wait to find out.
Cover Thoughts: I think it suits the novel well and it catches your attention. I had many people stop and stare, before asking what I was reading. I like how the text looks like smoke, too.

Read the full review by clicking here: Books Obsession. Thanks to Ashley!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me Again First Draft COMPLETED!

For all of you who've read and enjoyed my debut YA novel Happy Birthday to Me, I have some great news! Not only am I writing two sequels to the book, I've just completed the first draft of Book 2, appropriately titled Happy Birthday to Me Again!

In this ambitious, surprising, emotionally charged follow-up, six months have passed, and Cameron and Liesel's relationship has blossomed. I'll reveal the official synopsis of the book later this summer, but let me just tell you, this is a roller-coaster of a book, one that doesn't just rehash the original again, but one that builds on the first installment and further develops all the characters. Cameron, Liesel, and Wesley are back, as is Kimber, in a much bigger role this time.

Right now I'm planning on publishing this sequel on or around September 1, so there's not a super long wait! And in the meantime, I'm releasing ANOTHER novel, Townhouse, in just a few short weeks. Get ready, everyone! Many more books are coming!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Four Star Review of Happy Birthday to Me!

Missy at Two Readers Reviews just took a look at my YA debut Happy Birthday to Me and posted an awesome rave about it this morning!

Here's an excerpt...

Overall I really enjoyed this one. It was a really quick read for me and kept me interested throughout. There are some paranormal elements to the story and I love how unique the plot was. From my understanding this is part of a trilogy and the next book, Happy Birthday to Me Again, is scheduled to be released sometime in September of this year. I can't wait to see where the story goes!

You can read the full review by clicking here: Two Readers Reviews. Thanks, Missy!