Friday, June 24, 2011

A "Glowing Recommendation" for Happy Birthday to Me!

Jennifer at A Tale of Many Reviews just gave my YA novel Happy Birthday to Me an extremely positive review! Here's an excerpt...

Looking at some of the titles on my Kindle I noticed that most of the books I read are by female authors.  I don’t know why I gravitate to female authors but I could have missed out on a great book if I hadn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone.   Brian Rowe has written a book that kept me engaged up to the final page.  I laughed at some of the situations that Cameron found himself in and became teary eyed at the moments that were a bit more serious.  Brian sprinkled a bit of paranormal flavor into the story but it wasn’t an overpowering flavor.  The focus was on the journey of self discovery that Cameron went through. 
I give this story a glowing recommendation.  I enjoyed it as much as Cameron enjoyed the large slice of chocolate fudge cake at Uncle Tony’s pizza place.  You may also find you come back for one last taste since Brian Rowe will be offering up another serving.Happy Birthday to Me is book 1 in the Birthday Trilogy.
Feel free to read the full review by clicking on the following link: A TALE OF MANY REVIEWS. Thanks, Jennifer!

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