Friday, March 29, 2013

March Update!

In the middle of this month I started the first revision on my newest young adult novel, The Wedding Videographer! Since the very first book I wrote, Slate, three years ago, I always do the very first revision by hand. I print out all the pages, grab a pen, and just start massacring my baby. What do I mean when I say, massacre?

The Wedding Videographer is my longest first draft since my first book, at 98,500 words, and 100 pages into the revision I've already eliminated 5,000 words... wow! So what's the timeframe for my book? I plan to revise and revise and revise again, all the way to the end of the summer, when I start pitching the novel at conferences and querying agents. 

While I revise The Wedding Videographer, I'm also writing, one chapter a month, a top secret YA project that will be finished in December. It's fun to work on one project really hard for about three weeks, then take a week to focus on something else, just to mix it up a little bit. I'm also looking to write another novel this summer (my first MIDDLE GRADE book!), but we'll see how the revisions go.

Lots of projects coming up... I can't wait to share more news and details about them with you all as 2013 ticks on!