Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New 5/5 Review of Happy Birthday to Me!

Missy at Missy's Reads & Reviews has just given Happy Birthday to Me a 5/5 rating, and it's one of the best reviews yet!! Here's an excerpt...

This book has left me speechless for several days, and I hope that I am eloquent enough to pull off a review that does this book the justice that it deserves. Obviously, I think it's amazing. The premise is something that I haven't experienced in my history of reading, and this was one incredible story to introduce the concept to me. Unfortunately, now, they're may be too high of standards for any book to follow in Happy Birthday To Me's footsteps -- well, except maybe for the sequel. ;)

The storyline was simply remarkable with a perfect progression for the tone of the book and never left you hanging. The writing was impeccable and Brian Rowe did an incredible job portraying a teenager that had to deal with something that most teenagers would never have to experience along with having to go through everything that all teenagers have to deal with on top of it all. I hate to classify this book, so I'll just say this is one of those great Young Adult books that needs to be read by everyone.

You can read the full review by clicking here: Missy's Reads & Reviews. Thanks Missy!

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