Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second Book Blogger Review of Slate!

JP at Elle Lit just posted a 4 out of 5 review of my debut novel Slate! Here's an excerpt from her review...

"I loved this peek into the world of movie casting! In my younger (naive) days, I wanted to be a casting director myself. Brian Rowe ties his novel into the world of contemporary Hollywood, mentioning blockbuster films and name-dropping actors and directors alike. I especially enjoyed the parallel to The Women, a film used as a means to an end called The Men. The ins and outs of the casting world are believably and humorously portrayed.

Vivien is the ultimate alpha-bitch, but somehow Rowe manages to make her likeable as well. As a reader, I never knew quite what she would do when faced with her many challenges: would her anger explode or would she break down in tears? Often, her reactions included a little bit of both, with some humor thrown in, making her a sympathetic character even during her times of absolute rage. Rowe's other characters were always exciting to get to know; most characters were dynamic, each with their own emotions and motives.

All in all, this a great, fun read. The ending provides an interesting and somewhat terrifying twist, taking this novel a notch or two above fluffy chick-lit. I do wish the ending wouldn't have been quite so rushed only because I was enjoying reading the events unfold; I couldn't stop reading in the last 1/3 of the book because it was so intensely interesting!

I would like to thank author Brian Rowe for providing me with a copy of this book. It was a fantastically fun read! Can I just say the cover is fabulous as well?"

Check out her full review at the link below! And thank you JP for your kind words on my book!

Elle Lit Book Blogger Review of Slate

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