Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wow, wow, wow, I have been busy busy this month, writing my heart out, posting all sorts of cool projects and working on lots more! In addition, I have this week slashed the prices on ALL of my books, and, with the exception of my brand new YA sequel Happy Birthday to Me Again, everything of mine is just 99 cents for a limited time!!

So what's new??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AGAIN, the continuation of the Cameron / Liesel story that wraps up this Christmas with the third and final installment Happy Birthday to You, is finally on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for just $2.99! This time, Cameron starts aging backward, and Liesel disappears, making it seem impossible that he will survive. Happy Birthday to Me Again is a funny, surprising thrill ride of a book, and I hope all of you who enjoyed the first book will enjoy this second one!

Happy Birthday to Me Again on Amazon

SIX SCARY STORIES is a short but sweet little collection of mine, six stories I've written over the past year that all share the same genre--horror! These chilling stories feature psychotic mothers, vengeful ex-lovers, spider monsters, and knife wielding mannequins. Lots of fun stuff here. Six Scary Stories is on sale for the month of October for just 99 cents!!

Six Scary Stories on Amazon (Just 99 Cents)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME is a must-read for anyone who wants to check out the sequel. While in many ways Happy Birthday to Me Again works as a stand-alone novel, it's really more fun if you check out the first installment beforehand. In the first book the lead character Cameron Martin starts aging a whole year of his life with each passing day, and he's only in high school! To mark the release of the sequel, I have temporarily lowered the price of Happy Birthday to Me to just 99 cents!

Happy Birthday to Me on Amazon (Just 99 Cents)

TOWNHOUSE is the evil overweight uncle of Six Scary Stories!! If you enjoy my short story collection, you'll love my debut horror novel, which tells the story of an engaged young couple who move into a North Hollywood townhouse, only to discover that someone in the complex is not what he or she seems. It's a spooky, suspenseful novel that in the end... just may make you lose your lunch! For the month of October, and in celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I have lowered the price of Townhouse to just 99 cents!

Townhouse on Amazon (Just 99 Cents)

SLATE, my debut novel, may feel all alone in the corner there. Townhouse has its evil horror nephew Six Scary Stories, and my YA debut Happy Birthday to Me now has a brother in Happy Birthday to Me Again. But Slate is getting her evil twin sister this November... that's right... my top secret novella project is a semi follow up to Slate entitled Christmas in Maui: A Very Merry Slate Novella!! This novella, which will be about 25,000 to 30,000 words, takes place between the end of Chapter 44 and that six-months-later epilogue. I'm about halfway done and it's a lot of fun, particularly for those who enjoyed Slate, which, like my other works, has just been lowered to 99 cents!

Slate on Amazon (Just 99 Cents)

So let's see... we have my Slate novella coming in early November, a special short story coming in mid November, and Happy Birthday to You, the final book in the Birthday trilogy, coming in early to mid December, just in time for Christmas. And this November I start writing my newest novel, which will kick off not a horror trilogy for teens, but a horror SERIES for teens. Think The X-Files crossed with R.L. Stine's Fear Street series... this one's going to be a ton of fun! The first book's title? The Vampire Underground. It's coming... in Spring 2012!

So how's that for an update? Happy reading, everyone!!

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