Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Update

I'm spending my Sunday morning working on two of my writing projects while looking out at the falling snow outside. I've had worse Sunday mornings, that's for sure! I thought I'd take a quick break here and give all of you an update on my writing projects...

THE VAMPIRE UNDERGROUND: My new YA horror series has officially begun with the first draft of Book 1. I'm about 25,000 words in so far and it's possibly the most fun I've had writing a project yet. I like to think of this new series as the modern twenty-first century Fear Street. I'll have more details about the book, as well as a cover, soon after the new year! But here's a fun picture taken of me, when I went to Bodie Ghost Town in September to do some research...

BIRTHDAY TRILOGY: Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Birthday to Me Again have been getting rave reviews all across the web. Below are a few links to some recent 4 and 5 star reviews...

Happy Birthday to Me

Baffling Bonkers and Brilliant Books - "WOW! Such a great book with a great storyline"

I Blog You Read - "A Likable Series from a Pretty Boy Point of View"

Jagged Edge - "Happy Birthday to Me is simply amazing! 5 stars!"

Tattooed Books - "Brian Rowe has captured my attention"

Happy Birthday to Me Again

Caught Between the Pages - "Packed with as much humor, suspense, and action as the first book, this novel had me flying through the pages, wanting to know what would happen on the next one, and the next day"

Coffee Table Reviews - "We should see some pretty great stuff [in Book 3]"

Panda Reads - "The best self published novels I've ever read"

Vamps, Weres, and Cassay - "It's a quick and easy read and I can't wait to see where the story goes"

Happy Birthday to You

And finally, coming in December, we have the third and final chapter of the Birthday trilogy. Easily the most action-packed, surprising, and intense of the three books, this is easily my favorite book I've written yet. I just started the final draft and should be finished within the next three weeks! I'll also be premiering the cover here on the blog very shortly.

Other Titles: In addition to the Birthday trilogy, I have the following adult titles up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble: Slate, its novella sequel Christmas in Maui, Townhouse, Six Scary Stories, and New Year's Kiss: A Short Story. All are on sale now, most for just 99 cents!

So that's it for now. I'll see you all in December, with my newest title, Happy Birthday to You!

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  1. Vampire Underground sounds great! Congrats on the reviews for Happy Birthday!

    Cool picture of you!