Monday, January 30, 2012

January Update!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been as frequent with these updates as I could be. I've been hard at work every day on my new novel, and after three weeks of non-stop work, I finally have a good, clean draft ready for other eyes to view! I just submitted Query Letters to agents today, so we'll see what feedback I get real soon.

My HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME trilogy has been selling very well. I love all the feedback I'm getting on the books, and I've enjoyed seeing the range of opinions, from those to adore the trilogy, to those who abhor it. I knew in writing Book 3 that I could possibly turn off a few readers--while Books 1 & 2 have plenty of humor in them, Book 3 is much darker--but I'm very proud of the books and hope I'll find even more fans as we get further into 2012!

THE VAMPIRE UNDERGROUND has been a real passion project of mine, and I'm happy to soon be releasing this first of seven books out into the world! I start writing the sequel THE ZOMBIE PLAYGROUND in the next week, so there will be more on that soon.

I thought I'd leave you with something here today, so here are the main characters' names, with one adjective that describes each character!

BRIN SKAR - feisty

ASHLEY GORMAN - annoyed 

ANAYA FROST - egocentric





MR. BARKER - horrific

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