Sunday, February 12, 2012

Queries Queries Queries!

I worked really hard throughout 2011 self-publishing five of my books, including my Happy Birthday to Me trilogy. Then in the last two months of 2011 I wrote the first book of a new YA horror series, The Vampire Underground.

As much as I love certain perks of self-publishing, I've never wanted to turn my back on traditional publishing. If I could find a great agent and publisher, why not? So for the first time in over a year, I started sending query letters to agents for my new novel The Vampire Underground.

I've already been working for two weeks on the book's sequel The Zombie Playground, and I plan on writing at least five more books in this planned seven-book series. Somehow this series will find the light of day, whether through traditional or indie publishing.

But it sure would be awesome to find a great agent. I'd love the opportunity for my books to find the shelves in bookstores all around the world. I just finished sending the last of the query letters out this morning, so we'll see in the coming weeks what the response will be. Cross your fingers!

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