Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy Year

What a whirlwind year it's been. So much work, so much change, and so much fun. To think a year ago this week I was still revising my umpteenth screenplay, not having yet put a word down on a single novel, frustrated about my job, wondering where the next few months would take me.

Now, here I am in March of 2011, hovering over my keyboard as I finish my third manuscript Townhouse. I've been working super hard day after day trying to perfect my first two books Slate and Happy Birthday to Me, and after many months of intensive labor, I'm close to unleashing these manuscripts into the world. Most of the people who know me (and even those who don't) see me more as a filmmaker than as an author. But I'm hoping for all that to change this year, as I use CreateSpace and the Amazon Kindle to finally bring my brand new written work to light.

My first book Slate, set in the world of film casting, will be published first in the next few weeks, with Happy Birthday to Me coming a couple months later, probably in June. And then my third book Townhouse should be released sometime in either August or September. I'm so excited to see if readers around the world will respond to the plots and characters of my stories. Right now I'm in the dark. In a few weeks... well... we shall see.

Get ready, everybody. Slate is coming!

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