Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Book Blogger Review of Happy Birthday to Me! 5/5!!

The first book blogger review of Happy Birthday to Me was posted this evening, and I couldn't have asked for a better review! Kayla at Caught Between the Pages gives my book a 5/5! She loved it and couldn't stop reading it!

Here is an excerpt from her review...

"I loved the writing style of this novel... I never wanted to stop reading! There were moments when I despised Cameron, moments when I rooted for him, and hilarious times when I wanted to laugh out loud. If a writer can pull you through all of those emotions in a smooth, effortless way, I’m destined to love that book.
And I did fall in love with Happy Birthday to Me. The story was unique as well as interesting-I liked seeing the little changes that came with each passing day. By the end, I was putting aside every other thing I had to do just so I could read the conclusion.
This is a fantastically fun read that I immensely enjoyed and am sad to see finished. The different elements meshed together in a seamless fashion to form a great young adult novel. It’s definitely one of the better books I’ve read lately. I highly recommend Happy Birthday to Me, and give it 5/5 stars."
Thank you for your kind words, Kayla! And read more of her review at the following link... Caught Between the Pages.
I look forward to all the many more book blogger reviews to come!!

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