Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Book Blogger Review of Happy Birthday to Me! 4/5!

Siobhan at Love Fantasy Sci Fi Novels just reviewed Happy Birthday to Me and gave it 4/5! She loved it!!

Here are some thoughts from her terrific review...

"Happy Birthday to Me really was a surprise to me. I never really thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. Before Cameron started aging I have to admit I didn't like him. However, I don't think you are meant to. He is self centered and an ass. Once he starts aging we see a totally different side of him, he goes on a personal journey to self discovery and you just can't help but like him in the end. 

The secondary characters are also very important to the story line. Wesley is Cameron's best friend even though they are in different social circles they still make time to spend time together. Wes was the character that had me in tears near the end (cant say much without spoiling it) what he does for Cameron was just beautiful. He really stuck by Cameron even when others didn't. 

Happy Birthday to Me, was the kinda of story that just flowed without a hitch... It it was an addictive read. Im not entirely sure where the author can take this story next. The ending was a fantastic ending that wrapped up the story nicely. However, I look forward to see what happens next in this trilogy."

Speaking of where I'm taking this story next, I start writing the sequel in 10 days! One more week!! And trust me, I have LOTS of ideas for Parts II and III. This trilogy is going to be EPIC!!

My thanks to Siobhan for her amazing review. Click here to go to the full post on her blog!

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