Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Interview at OWL READ A BOOK!

More and more book bloggers are receiving my book Happy Birthday to Me all over the world, which is so exciting! And I just received another shipment of books so I can ship out more copies!

Bethany at OWL REVIEW A BOOK has been nice enough to hold an entire AUTHOR WEEK for me, allowing me a review, giveaway, interview, and guest post! Wow!

Her interview was just posted today! Here's an excerpt...

When and why did you start writing? 

I’ve loved reading books ever since I can remember and always imagined myself, even from a young age, as being a writer. In my third grade class at Oakhills Elementary School in Granite Bay, California, a children’s author came to speak about writing, and she gave us all an assignment for the week, to write one chapter of a novel. I ended up writing a chapter about the ghost of a librarian that haunts the school. I loved writing this assignment and ended up writing dozens more short stories over the next few years, culminating into the fifth grade, where our teacher Linda Frodahl gave us story assignments all year round. On the last day of school that year she pulled me aside and said to me, “Brian, one day I want to see your name on the front of a novel. Don’t let me down.” Fifteen years later her wish finally came true, and I decided to dedicate Happy Birthday to Me to Mrs. Frodahl. 

Read the full interview by clicking here: Owl Review a Book

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