Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Guest Post Where I Discuss Writing a Novel!

I don't know a whole lot about writing... but I do know enough to write a Guest Post about it!! Bethany at OWL REVIEW A BOOK has been nice enough to hold an entire Author Week for me, and today marks the last post from me, this Guest Post.

Here's an excerpt...

For any aspiring writers out there, I recommend wholeheartedly Stephen King’s fantastic nonfiction book about writing, titled simply On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. In it the bestselling horror novelist not only discusses how he got his start writing and selling his books, but also discusses concise, important writing tips for budding novelists everywhere. I’ve read this book probably ten times over in the last few years, and I’ve tried to take most, if not all, of King’s advice in regards to sentence and story structure, grammar, dialogue, and, most of all, daily writing tasks.

Read the full Guest Post here: OWL REVIEW A BOOK GUEST POST

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