Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Updates on All My Books!!

Well, it's been a really exciting month, with reviews on both my titles Slate and Happy Birthday to Me getting posted all over the web, with interviews, giveaways, guest posts, and more, popping up all over as well! But while all this has been happening, I haven't been sitting back with a pina colada, twiddling my thumbs. I've been working hard on two upcoming projects, one near completion, and one near the end of the first draft! Lots of exciting developments coming up!! Here's some updates on all my books...

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. This YA novel has definitely turned out to be way more popular than Slate (which is to be expected, considering the dark subject matter of the more cynical Slate), with over 100 (!!!) Book Bloggers agreeing to review the book in the last 8 weeks. So far about 10-15 reviews have shown up online, with many, many more to come this summer! Remember, the book is available for just 99 CENTS on Amazon for a limited time!

2. SLATE. My adult novel debut has been accepted by about 40 or so book bloggers to review, but only eight or nine reviews have shown up so far. Many are digging this dark look into the film industry, others aren't appreciating the bitchiness and selfishness of the main character. Slate, too, is available for 99 CENTS on Amazon!

3. TOWNHOUSE. My debut adult horror novel... arriving as early as mid-June on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! This may be my finest work yet, a very eerie story set in a North Hollywood apartment complex about a young woman who starts to suspect the man who lives across from her is the perpetrator of the recent kidnappings in the area. This one is NOT for the faint of heart!! I'll be debuting the book cover shortly, and will be launching the novel in just a few short weeks! Stay tuned!

4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AGAIN. I am nearly 40,000 words into the first draft of Happy Birthday to Me II and it's going great! This sequel picks up about six months after the end of the first book and goes to places that will definitely NOT be expected! Cameron and Liesel are back, as are Kimber, Wesley, Aaron, and even Mrs. Gordon! I've already outlined the third and final chapter of the Happy Birthday to Me trilogy and will be starting that one later this summer. Look for Happy Birthday to Me Again as early as September, and Happy Birthday to You as early as December!!

...AND THERE'S LOTS MORE TO COME! I've already outlined my writing projects through the end of 2012! Next year there will be a brand new trilogy of books--a YA paranormal romance trilogy for teens--as well as a stand-alone YA comedic fantasy novel, and an adult horror novel!!

I hope you all like to read! I have LOTS of projects in development, and many, many more books to come!!

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