Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buried In Books Reviews Happy Birthday to Me!

As I wind down the newest draft of Happy Birthday to Me 2, and prepare to write the first draft of Happy Birthday to Me 3, it thrills me to see readers all over the world embracing the first installment! Here's an excerpt from a brand new review by Buried In Books!

I loved once again hearing a story from the male point of view.  I really enjoy getting to know how boys think because I still don't understand them after all this time!  The more I know, the better.  Cameron is very accepting of his condition.  He goes wild a little and then sets goals, the prom, the basketball game, graduation.  He's just looking to make it through the end of school.  But somewhere along the way, he starts learning life lessons, lessons that at seventeen I think he really shouldn't have to learn.  But he's dying so I guess lessons should be learned before you die.  Towards the end, it got very emotional and I actually started crying.  I wasn't expecting that from a book entitled "Happy Birthday to Me"! 

So, it's a great start for a debut author.  This is one of a trilogy so it should be interesting to see where the series heads.  I think the author has an easy writing style to read with humorous scenes sprinkled throughout. The one with his librarian was almost scary! 

You can read the full review by clicking here: Buried with Books. My thanks to this great blogger!

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