Sunday, July 31, 2011

Townhouse Book Blog Tour is Coming!!

I'm excited to announce that my brand new horror novel TOWNHOUSE is going on a Book Blog Tour, from August 8 to August 27! There will be reviews, giveaways, and excerpts, from nearly a dozen book blogs all over the world. Check out the schedule by clicking on the link below!


Sara Crimson isn’t happy about moving into a shady apartment complex with a man she barely knows. But after discovering she’s pregnant with her first child, she decides to try to make a relationship work with the baby daddy Max, an up-and-coming talent agent.
An aspiring novelist, Sara at first is elated with the additional free time she has to focus on her writing. But as the days turn to weeks, she starts to suspect that something peculiar is happening in the Executive Townhouses of North Hollywood, California. People start disappearing, strange noises echo down the corridor, and an old, creepy tenant finds his entertainment value in staring at her from afar.
But what Sara doesn’t know is that the hidden horrors that lie inside the complex are far worse than anything her overactive imagination could have ever conceived...
TOWNHOUSE is on Sale at Amazon for just $2.99!
Buy Townhouse, by Brian Rowe

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