Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One More HBTM Review Before a Big Update!

Look for an update on all my writing projects in the next day or so, but until then, here's a brand new review of Happy Birthday to Me, hot off the presses! Four out of five!! Here's an excerpt...

I loved that I didn't know how it would all end, and I must admit that I was a bit surprised with how the story concluded. Actually, I was a lot surprised, and it left me with lots of questions. I know the second book in the trilogy will be released in just a few months, but I cannot wait to read what happens next. The authors writing was great, and the book held a combination of humor and seriousness, that keeps the reader flipping through the pages until the end. I definitely recommend this book to YA and paranormal lovers; this is a fun, unique read that I'm sure many will enjoy. 

Click here to read the full, insightful review: Oodles of Books. Thanks Cindy!

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