Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Update!

Hello all!

It's been an exciting month! I finished the new draft of The Zombie Playground, the second book in my Grisly High series, and I started the first draft of a brand new original YA novel (details coming later this summer) that is the most daring, crazy idea I've ever had. I'm about 45,000 words in, and I'm aiming for 70. I just bought a ticket to the RWA Conference in Anaheim, California, at the end of July, and I'm super excited for that. I finished two graduate level creative writing classes at the University of Nevada-Reno (and got two As, hurray!).

Equally exciting to all of this was my trip over Memorial Day Weekend to Portland, Oregon. I saw a lot of the city, but the place I definitely spent the majority of my time was the famous Powell's Books. If you ever go to Portland and love books as much as I do, you MUST check this place out. It's like Disneyland for literary buffs. I could have bought a hundred titles but I kept it down to seven. Here's what I got...

Finally, I just dropped my newest book The Vampire Underground to 99 cents!! Pick up a copy today, its action-packed sequel is coming in July!

Buy The Vampire Underground for 99 cents!

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