Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New 5-Star Review of The Vampire Underground!

Wow, I've received some great feedback on The Vampire Underground during these last two months, but nothing has compared to this sparkling review by Jennifer at Goodreads! Check out what she had to say about it below...

Brian Rowe knows how to captivate his readers. He develops characters and plot lines that are hard to resist. This read was like a roller coaster ride for me. The anticipation while getting buckled in and comfortable not knowing what to expect then you take off and there are twists and turns some slow moments then off and roaring. Getting a little scared but then calming down. When the ride ends you know there is nothing like what you just experienced. There’s the excitement of “oh man that was cool” or “I almost lost my cookies back there”. Definitely nothing like it.

That is how I felt about this book. Having read the Birthday trilogy by Brian Rowe I knew this was a ride I was willing to take. I got comfortable on the couch and dug right in. At first Brian is building the story and developing the characters. Then the story takes off and there are thrills along the twists and turns of the plot. There was humor, horror, and action along this ride. At the end I thought I was going to just unbuckle and go about my business but oh no. Brian throws in something that has me chomping at the bit to get on this ride again. Can’t wait!!!

Vampire Underground is something different in the vampire genre. It’s not the romantic but the horrific. I loved the idea of the underground world of the vampires. It was an underground scary circus. I kind of pictured in my mind the scene in the movie Interview with the Vampire where the vampires turned their killing into a show for an audience. It was brilliant and scary.

By far the character that stole the show and my affections was Ash. OMG, he was the humor to the story. A movie buff that loves the horror genre, doesn’t put up with remakes of classics, and is a loyal friend. He was the comic relief to the seriousness of what was going on around him. Loved that dynamic. 

This is a fantastic read for any fan of books with great story lines. This is worth taking a chance on but hold on to your seat because you are in for a thrilling ride. 
* I received a copy for an honest review

Excellent review! Thanks Jennifer!!

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